Welcome to the EU Studies Association Asia - Pacific

The Asia-Pacific Association for EU Studies (EUSA-Asia Pacific) is an academic association in the Asia Pacific Region, devoted to the studies of the European Union and European Integration. It aims at promoting and coordinating EU Studies in the related fields, and cultivating and developing mutual understandings and friendly cooperation in the region and with the EU and its member states.

The purposes of the Society include:

  • Sponsoring EUSA Asia-Pacific Conferences
  • Organising academic symposia, seminars and workshops
  • Coordinating and organising research projects of common interest
  • Organising academic exchanges and other activities
  • Editing and publishing the journal ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF EU STUDIES
  • Creating and maintaining a website

Membership currently includes ten national and regional EU studies societies from China, Hong Kong and Macau, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.



Conference - Assessing the External Impact of the Lisbon Treaty within the Asia-Pacific Region

The EUSA AP wish to announce its next annual conference, "EU's Unknown Asia: New Horizons and New Beginnings" SINGAPORE – 4th and 5th June 2012

Call for Papers Now Open

Further Information

Call closes on the 24th February 2012.


Images from the EUSA AP Conference, 8-9 Jan 2010, JNU New Delhi.

ASEF Group Photo Conference 2010

AP CPnference 2010


Keynote Speech Given by New Zealand's Speaker of the House

The EUSA-AP were honoured to have the New Zealand Speaker of the House, Hon Margaret Wilson as keynote speaker for the EUCN Conference: Europe in the Changing World. Ms Wilson focused on New Zealand's relationship with Europe, in particular on the strong relationship between the European and New Zealand Parliaments. Ms Wilson also acknowledged the shared visions of Europe and New Zealand, characterised by the conclusion last September of the Joint Declaration on relations and cooperation. Full text of speech

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