“Assessing the External Impact of the Lisbon Treaty within the Asia-Pacific Region”
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
February 17th -19th 2011

In February the EUSA Asia Pacific held its annual conference in Bangkok, Thailand, kindly hosted by Chulalongkorn University. The conference was supported by a Jean Monnet grant from the European Commission.
This was a multidisciplinary conference that investigated the impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the external relations of the EU within the Asia Pacific region. The themes of the conference were:

  • The changing EU foreign policy mechanism – the implementation, effectiveness and impact in third countries. What are the tensions, how are norms and values transferred?
  • EU Visibility in the Region - how do the two regions view each other and how should misperceptions be addressed?
  • The EU in the World. What are the connections between the EU as a role model for peaceful integration in Asia? How do the two work together in international fora and in issues of international law?

A preconference graduate workshop was also held at Chulalongkorn University with graduate students from the partner EU Studies associations in the EUSAAP. Students presented their papers and attended academic skills sessions.

Conference Paper list

Prof. Fulvio Attina – Department of Political Studies, University of Catania
“Assessing EU’s commitment to multilateralism. A data analysis of CSDP operations and member countries propensity to peacekeeping and peace building”

Prof. Ruth Bevan – Political Science, Yeshiva University
“Strategies of Power and Influence: The European Union and the United States in East Asia”

Mr Dean Carroll – School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy, Keele University
“Reshaping Europe in a multi-polar world – can the European Union rise to the challenge?”

Dr. Natalia Chaban – NCRE, University of Canterbury
“Listening and Hearing: Conceptualising the Role of Public Opinion Survey in EU Public Diplomacy Practices (case of South East Asia)” (with Suet Yi Lai)

Dr. Jayaraj Amin – Department of Political Science, Mangalore University
“European Union- South Asia Development Co-operation with special reference to India”

Diogo Alvim – University of Macau
“A new European system of financial supervision and crisis management”

Yichen Yang – School of Law, University College Dublin
“Application of Competition law to Patent licensing from Developed Countries to Developing Countries----From A Comparative Perspective between China and EU”

Prof. Bruce Wilson - European Union Centre, RMIT University

Prof. Ting Wai - Government and International Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University“The idea of East Asian Community: what can we learn from Europe?”

Dr. Katharine Vadura – NCRE, University of Canterbury
“Developing a deeper understanding of the EU in the Asia Pacific through virtual learning”

Dr. Michito Tsuruoka – National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS)
“The EU's Strategic Stakes in Asia”

Prof. Hidenori Tozawa – School of Law, Tohoku University
“European Movement and its influences on Japan as a case of inter-continental co-development of regionalism”

Dr. May-Britt Stumbaum – Otto-Suhr-Institute of Political Science, Free University of Berlin
“The EU's strategic Partnerships in Asia - common concepts, diverging connotations”

Prof. Bhaswati Sarkar - Centre for European Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
“Regional integration in South Asia: Chasing the EU Model”

Dr. Gulshan Sachdeva – Centre for European Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
“The EU Response to Regional Integration Processes in South Asia”

Prof. Anne Rasmussen – Public Administration, Leiden University
“Asian Interests in EU Policy Making”

Prof. Clara Portela - School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University
“Coherence of the EU's Foreign Policy from Maastricht to Lisbon: Impact on the EU's Asian partners”

Prof. Sang-Chul Park – Graduate School of Knowledge based Technology and Energy, Korea Polytechnic University
“German Unification as a Role Model for Korean Peninsula”

Emiko Nakasaka – Graduate Studies of Social Sciences, Hiroshima University
“Influence of the European Union Asylum Policy on the Asia Pacific Region”

Assoc. Prof Naohisa Murakami – Department of Management and Information Systems Science, Nagaoka University of Technology
“The recent Japan-China spat is casting a long shadow on East Asia Community plans modelled after European integration”

Annick Masselot – ACIS, University of Canterbury
“Targeting skilled migrants: the new EU powers to brain drain developing nations under the Lisbon Treaty”

Prof. Bruno Mascitelli – Swinburne University of Technology
“The European Union and the Roma/Gypsies deportations from France and Italy”

Dr. John Leslie – Political Science and International Relations, Victoria University“Europe and the Origins of Trans-Tasman Integration”

Ronan Lenihan from ASEF
Adding more seats at the table: Can an enlarged ASEM bring Europe and the Asia – Pacific closer?

Dr Jian Junbo – Centre for European Studies, Fudan University
“Managing the Conceptual Gap on Global Governance between China and the European Union”

Zhang Jiao – University of Macau
“The impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the ongoing EU-China Partnership and Cooperation Agreement”

Prof. Chris Duke – Social Sciences (EU Centre), RMIT University
“Transposing Concepts: Lifelong Learning and the Learning Region”

Assoc. Prof. Stephen Day – Faculty of Economics, Oita University
“Facilitating peaceful integration: the forgotten role of transnational political parties”

Dr. Sandra Marco Colino - Chinese University of Hong Kong
“The Process of 'EU-ropean' Integration: an Adequate Role Model for the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area?”

Prof. Changkyu Choi – Department of Economics, Myongji University
“Information and Capital Flows Revisited: Internet as a Determinant of Transactions in Financial Assets” (with Dong-Eun Rhee and Yonghyup Oh)

Dr Kenneth Chan – Hong Kong Baptist University
“The Relevance of EU External Action in Asia-Pacific Region: An Empirical Analysis”










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